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“In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goal posts are – Arnold Glasow

I grew up watching football with my Dad. Being raised in the south there are a lot of things that come along with your upbringing: a love of sweet tea, fried chicken, family, front porches, “yes ma’ams,” and football. Being raised in Arkansas brought an even deeper love of football. The Razorbacks left the Southwest Conference in 1990. I was 7 years old and raised to know being from Arkansas meant you hated the Texas Longhorns. But as our storied career began in the Southeastern Conference, a deep hatred for our friends and family due south of us began and the LSU Tigers became an equally hated rival. The Razorbacks have only ever one won National Championship in football. The team coached by the legendary Coach Frank Broyles of 1964 included famous players like Jerry Jones, Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer  and they beat Nebraska 10-7 in the Cotton Bowl. The Hogs haven’t won a National Championship in 53 years but that has never stopped Arkansas fans as we remain confident every single season that “this year” is “our year.”

My love for the Razorbacks comes from my Dad, as does my love for the Dallas Cowboys. It was easier being a Cowboys fan as a kid with Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Ervin, but as a faithful fan, I’m always convinced “this season” is “THE season” and I faithfully place my hopes and dreams in the capable hands of Dak, Zeke, Dez and Witten this year.

My love of college football has spread a little over the years.

Growing up at Shiloh Christian during the tenure of Coach Guz Malzahn, I find myself now as an Auburn Tiger fan. Only in football of course, but I love Auburn University. The history, the legacy and the traditions of Auburn have found a place in my heart. I’ll be rooting for the Tigers as long as Coach Malzahn is there. Being out here on the East Coast now, I’ve grown to love the

Clemson Tigers as well. Dabo is an incredible man and coach and having grown up with the legendary Danny Ford’s kids back in Arkansas I’ve always cheered for those Tigers as well.

I love football. I love everything about it. I love the traditions. I love the competitions. I love the rivalries. I love the athleticism. I just love the game. And I love watching College Game Day on Saturday mornings!

The past few seasons I’ve posted a “Top 10” list weekly on my college football thoughts. This season will be no different, I’ll just being posting them here. Also a new thing I’ll be doing this year is publishing my “pick ’ems” for the week for some college and NFL games.

College Pick-Em:

CLEMSON over Auburn
GEORGIA over Notre Dame
OHIO STATE over Oklahoma
USC over Stanford

NFL Pick-Em:

TEXANS over Jaguars
STEELERS over Browns
CARDINALS over Lions
RAIDERS over Titans
BENGALS over Ravens
RAMS over Colts
EAGLES over Redskins
PANTHERS over 49ers
COWBOYS over Giants
PACKERS over Seahawks
SAINTS over Vikings
CHARGERS over Broncos

Go Hogs, War Eagle, Go Tigers and Go Cowboys!