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Is this the kind of feminism you are marching for?

Y’all, this world is so bonkers.

Gigi Hadid recently took to social media to open up about her body.

If you are not familiar with Gigi Hadid she is the daughter of Mohamed Hadid and Yolanda Hadid. She has been a model with IMG Models since 2013. In 2014, she was ranked in the top 50 models by The British Fashion Council named her the International Model of the Year in 2016. Her modeling career began when she was 2 years old in ads for Baby Guess. She has walked in shows for designers like Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Michael Kors, Jean Paul Gaultier, Max Mara, Versace, Fendi, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford. In 2015, Gigi walked in the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show for the first time. And she has also been featured in Vogue on numerous occasions. [1]

When it comes to fashion resumes, Gigi Hadid has one of the best.

And yet still, she is constantly badgered on social media by cyber bullies about her body.

In 2014, Gigi was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease. If you are unfamiliar with this disease, it is an autoimmune disorder in which the thyroid gland is gradually destroyed. Only about 5% of the population faces Hashimoto’s Disease. The symptoms of this disease are weight gain, tiredness, constipation, depression and general pains. Other common symptoms are:  pale or puffy face, dry and thinning hair, panic disorder, slowed heart rate, and heavy menstrual flow or irregular periods. [2]

Hashimoto’s Disease is not curable, it can only be treated with a lifetime of medications.

Imagine suffering from this disease AND being a super model for all the world to pick apart.

Gigi Hadid is a 22 year old woman who is a full time model, fighting an incurable autoimmune disease.

When opening up about her battle in 2016, Gigi said “It’s just about everyone accepting their body as it matures and knowing that it’s not always going to look the same and you can love yourself in all different sizes.” [3]

Recently, Gigi has taken to social media again in reference to those who are calling her “too big for the industry.” She explained that the “bigness” they were referring to was the results of her disease, water retention and inflammation. She explained that with the help of the proper medication and a holistic medical trial her thyroid levels have begun to balance out.

God help us all if you think Gigi Hadid is fat, I’ll start signing my blogs “the beached whale!”

During her fitting for the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Gigi said, “I have lost weight and gained weight. My weight fluctuates so much, and so does everybody’s and I think that if people are gonna judge, that’s the worst you can possibly do because everybody is different.” [4]

Y’all do realize that this model, a woman who has walked the runways for Versace and Chanel has been criticized about her weight? And we are confused how we ended up in a society where women are not valued equally? Really?

Women are the worst to other women.

We knit-pick women we don’t even know. We tear down other women based on differences of opinions, or political beliefs or sexual orientation. We judge other moms who “mom” differently than us.

Come on America.

I’ve heard it said before when you chose fame you welcome criticism.

I’m not sure I agree with that. Sure, there are those who chose fame, for fame’s sake. But there are a large majority of famous people who are simply choosing their passions in life and happened to get famous along the way. I don’t know Gigi Hadid, but from interviews I gather her desire is not to be famous but instead to model clothes for designers she respects and admires. Some famous people are famous for being singers when all they started out doing was singing at a local bar, the thing they love doing. Some women are actresses who are now considered famous when in their minds they are still the little girls watching their professional heroes on the big screen.

People are people.

Fame may change your bank account, but it doesn’t always mean you are simply there for the popularity.

Celebrities commit suicide at an alarming rate. Some say it’s because they have unlimited funds for drugs, and while that may be true, there’s something in them driving them to “escape” to experience the euphoria of drugs. And at some point, it stops being enough.

Women like Rosie O’Donnell and Chelsea Handler have become famous because of their sense of humor. Comedians. Women who have done good for others with their fame. But women who also use their humor now to tear apart other women just because they voted for different political candidates.

Is that the feminism you all are marching for?

If so, I want none of it.

We tell little girls that they can become anything they want to be. We never show them the fine print that states they could be verbally assaulted based on their looks, or their thoughts, or their opinions.

Disney built a world that makes little girls think every story ends with Prince Charming riding in on a white horse. When we know good and well there is no horse, and that Prince Charming may or may not come, and he may not look like a Ken Doll if he does come.

We also start companies and campaigns and nonprofits around empowering women and our social media feeds are full of hatred to other females.

There’s a lot of things wrong in our society today, and we are half the problem.

We have to do better. Even in the small things. We have to stop retweeting the hate and vitriol famous women are spreading on social media. We have to stop tearing apart other women because of our differences and start building them up for their individuality.

That’s the kind of feminism I want to march for.

What about you?






Photo by Alexa Mazzarello on Unsplash

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  1. Joey

    February 14, 2018 at 2:44 am

    Amen, friend! I love this more than I can say! Please keep these kinds of posts coming—they’re so informative and refreshing!

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