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What are you letting shake your faith today?

I once read that faith cannot be shaken because it is the result of being shaken. If you are not a believer of some sort, don’t be scared by that sentence. Faith doesn’t have to be in reference to a diety, or spiritual ideology. Sure, for me, it is. My belief system, “my faith,” is in my God; my Creator, my Savior and my Sustainer. But I have a sort of faith in a lot of other people and things. I have faith in my husband, my son, my Mom, my friends and people like that.

I have always had a general faith that people are good, even with all their flaws.

My faith in the goodness of people was a bit shaken a few days ago.

En route to Arkansas for the Thanksgiving holiday, we stopped over night in Conyers, Georgia. It was late and we were exhausted when we got there, having driven 6 hours after work to make it that far. Perhaps not our most responsible decision, we took only our overnight bag into the hotel room and collapsed in bed. Around 3 am, we woke up to a police officer knocking on our room door. Apparently 11 cars at the hotels in the area were broken into. We were one of the unlucky ones. We had 4 laptops stolen from us (2 personal and 2 work), 1 tablet, 2 backpacks, and poor Judd had his Nikes, artwork he did for his Gigi and his goldfish crackers stolen. Guess the thieves got hungry.

We had a shattered window, and broken window frame. But we still had a fully operating vehicle. The family next us had their driver door completely broken and left unable to open. And another family had their entire vehicle stolen.

In the grand scheme of things, we simply lost posessions. We had each other and a vehicle to complete our trip to see family and return home to North Carolina.

We had insurance to replace our window and frame.

We were the lucky ones.

Sure, we lost some items that had some big price tags on them. Ironically, I found myself more upset that Judd’s artwork he wanted to give my Mom was gone. Who does that?

We later found out that because of some odd situation our renters insurance did not auto renew on September 1st so our claim on the actual stolen posessions would not be covered. Repeatedly apologizing to the representative of our insurance agent that I was so shocked by that news she proceeded to be very rude, highly unprofessional and just plain hateful with me.

And again, my faith in the goodness of people was shaken.

The truth of the matter is we don’t have the finances to replace our personal laptops that we use for graduate school, this blog, thread talk, and our family business venture. And that’s a tough pill to swallow. But as my amazing husband keeps saying, they were just posessions.

We are not defeated.

He reminded me tonight, as I sat down to write this blog from my phone, that we cannot be defeated; because we are children of God.

I do have faith in people, but they will fail me and unfortunately, I will fail them.

Maybe the secret to life is finding something to have faith in that will never, ever fail you.

I apologize for being MIA on this space for the past few days as we have been working to regroup and spending time with our family in south Arkansas.

But I’m back, developing more content for this blog and dreaming of even more possibilities.

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Cheers friends!


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  1. Joey

    November 22, 2017 at 2:17 am

    “Faith cannot be shaken because faith is the result of being shaken.” YES! I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I can’t fathom what good is meant to come out of this horrible situation, but I do have faith that there is something good. Wrapping your sweet family in hugs and prayers. <3

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