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Week 5 Football Picks

Thankfully I didn’t do this week’s picks yesterday because I certainly would not have chosen Washington State to beat USC last night.

But, it just goes to show that any given day any team can win.
Here’s my thoughts on today’s games:

  • ALABAMA over Ole Miss-I give up trying to pick against Saban.
  • GEORGIA over Tennessee-just one more nail in the coffin for Butch Jones.
  • AUBURN over Mississippi State-though aside for my love from the Tigers, I could see the Bulldogs winning this one.
  • VANDERBILT over Florida-my upset pick of the week! Florida’s legal woes are wrecking havoc on their season.
  • CLEMSON over Virginia Tech-all about that D!
  • OKLAHOMA STATE over Texas Tech-Mason Rudolph rebounds.

I don’t do this every week, but here’s my thoughts on this weekend’s NFL games:

  • SAINTS over Dolphins-I actually think it will be one of Drew Brees best games ever.
  • PATRIOTS over Panthers-Brady and Gronk are going to put on a show I think. Cam is missing his Super Cam powers this season.
  • JAGS over Jets-I almost went with the Jets here. The Jags are horrible as well. Blake Bortels is not an NFL quarterback. Leonard Fournette is the game winner here.
  • TEXANS over Titans-Defense wins championships, I think JJ Watt will be the deciding factor in this game.
  • BENGALS over Browns-what on earth is going on in Cincy? Andy Dalton is better than this, and AJ Green has so much talent.
  • COWBOYS over Rams-That Dallas D will have to find a way to stop Gurley, and not allow Goff to get hot.
  • EAGLES over Chargers-Carson Wentz, Blount, Alshon Jeffery and Zach Ertz have a good thing going in Philly.
    BUCS over Giants-I can’t stand picking Jameis Winston, but alas…the lesser Manning is really showing his lesser side this season so far.
  • RAIDERS over Broncos-I guess that might be considered my upset pick of the week for the NFL.
  • Seahawks over Colts-I think Russell Wilson will finally get it together this wknd, and Richard Sherman’s crew on defense will be the deciding factor.
  • Chiefs over Redskins-Kareem Hunt. Enough said.
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