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Top 10 College Football Thoughts, Week 9

This post is coming out a little later than normal. Typically, I like to post on Sundays following the Saturday football frenzy, but a sick little boy at home prevented that; so here we are tonight!

The coaching carousel has begun to make its circles with the firing of Florida’s Jim McElwain. It’s always tough mid-season to dismiss a coach, especially for other teams who are likely to get rid of their coach at the end of the season because the other school gets first dibs on available coaches.

But alas, here are my top ten thoughts on college football from week 9:

10-Tennessee, fire Butch Jones already. This has gotten just embarrassing for you all. It’s painful to watch. He just cannot coach a team to finish. With 33 seconds left in the game, his team lost yet again. Go after Gruden, promise him Peyton Manning will have another child and name it after him. Do whatever it takes.

9-Mississippi State walloped Texas A&M. I expect Dan Mullen’s name to come up a lot in the coaching searches this off season. Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin could find himself unemployed at the end of this season as well.

8-The game really didn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, but the Longhorns got a solid win against Baylor. As the dust settles in Waco, their football team has gone from greatness to nothingness pretty quickly. The Longhorns have come very close to huge wins twice this season, so the more they can get under their belt the better.

7-Miami almost let UNC take them down. The Tar Heels had a chance for a game-winning touchdown drive, but they were derailed by a fumble. Miami is 7-0, but man they sure have some ugly wins. With Virginia Tech and Notre Dame coming to visit the Hurricanes will be tested. If they do beat the Hokies, the Notre Dame game will tell the real story of both teams.

6-Florida State lost Friday night to Boston College, handedly, 35-3. And even without Jameis Winston, I still love seeing the Seminoles go down. BC didn’t have one of their best defensive players and still held FSU to 213 yards of offense. Florida State leads the BCS with bowl game appearances, but the 35-year streak is in serious jeopardy with their 2-5 record. They cannot lose another game this season and still make a bowl, and they still have to play Clemson in Death Valley.

5-Notre Dame took down a stout NC State Wolfpack Saturday. Notre Dame is one of those teams I always want to win, I mean you cannot like the movie, “Rudy” and not want the Fighting Irish to win. But back-to-back dominant wins over top 15 teams might actually prove Notre Dame to be legit this year. But I’m always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Josh Adams rushed for 202 of the Irish’s 304 offensive rushing yards. Go ahead and queue up the Heisman chatter. The Wolfpack’s QB Ryan Finley had thrown 339 passes with no interceptions…until Saturday.

4-Georgia beat Florida 42-7, and it could not have been a bigger catastrophe for the Gators. Sure, Georgia has more returning starters than any other team in the SEC, but I’m not sure they needed half those players to beat Florida Saturday. Kirby Smart’s defense held the Gators to only 66 passing yards.

3-Iowa State took down TCU, and I was thrilled to see it. I’ve got a few friends in Ames, and apparently, the town went nuts, which is well deserved. I’m not a Horn Frog fan or Gary Patterson fan, so I was happy to see them go down. They seem to always be in that over-rated category. Don’t be too surprised to start seeing Matt Campbell’s name coming up in the coaching searches this off season.

2-I was not surprised in the least to see Penn State fall to Ohio State on the road. I think had the game been in Pennsylvania; the outcome would have been different. But the difference between great teams and good teams, is being able to win no matter the location or circumstances. The Buckeye defense did a great job of containing Saquon Barkley, and I truly think that was the key to their win. This game was only won by one point. It honestly should have been a larger victory, but Ohio State was a cluster of mistakes the entire game including two turnovers and letting the Nittany Lions return a kickoff for a touchdown. JT Barrett was the MVP of this game, 33 of 39 passes for 328 yards and four touchdowns. As if that wasn’t enough, he tacked on another 108 yards rushing.

1-How about those Hogs? I seriously had written them off in the first half, and of course, they came back to win it on the road in Oxford. Perhaps that’s the remedy to their woes; I should stop cheering for them! The freshman QB came out and put on a good show in the second half. I still don’t think the win saves Bielema’s job, but I was shocked he was back this year, so what do I know. Whatever happens, happy to see the Hogs take down the Rebels.


Photo Credit: Notre Dame Football Facebook Page