Pearls & Vodka

Have you bought your feathers and ruffles for Spring 2018?

Spring is coming!

Those clocks are springing forward Sunday morning, don’t be late to church…or to brunch, the Bloody Mary bar will run out if you aren’t on time!


Hymns & Hallelujahs

There’s a song out right now that has rattled my dry bones. “Defender” by Rita Springer. Y’all. Let me tell you, I can have a full-out church service, by myself, in my car, to this song. In verse one she sings, “You go before I know, that You’ve gone to win my war. You come back with the head of my enemy. You come back and You call it MY victory. You go before I know, that You’ve gone to win my war. Your love becomes my greatest defense, it leads me from the dry wilderness.” Y’all. There is an entire sermon series right there, but I’ll keep going. She continues, “All I did was praise. All I did was worship. All I did was bow down. All I did was stay still.” Beth Moore could right an entire Bible Study on that pre-chorus. But alas, the power doesn’t stop there. “Hallelujah, You have saved me. So much better Your way. Hallelujah, Great Defender. So much better your way.” You could pretty much put that on my tomb stone right there, “So much better Your way.” Not to take any thunder from verse two, but let’s jump to the bridge, because hot-dang, it’ll get you. “When I thought I lost me, You knew where I left me. You reintroduced me to Your love. You picked up all my pieces, put me back together. You are the defender of my heart.” They could go ahead and pass the offering plate for me at that point. Y’all this song, if you’ll let it, it’ll wreck you, in the best possible way.

Magnolia Musings

Relationships are hard. Communication is so key and yet can be so hard. My husband and I have only been married for 3.5 years, and we have a 2 year old. So yes.

Communication is such a pain in the…well you know the rest of that sentence.

Some days are better than others. Some days are far worse than others. Picking and choosing your battles is far important in a marriage, and in parenting, than I ever dreamed. At the end of the day, I’m thankful that my husband is who he is. Sure, I wish we communicated better; of course I think he should listen better, and ideally, agree more. But he is who he is, and that’s the man I fell in love with. If I’ve learned anything in this marriage, that is letting each other be who we are, but always encouraging growth and always understanding in the spurts.

Bourbon & Bowties

Stephen King couldn’t create a more frightening movie plot than the idea of a movie between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, but alas, here we are. This is real life. Talk about a room full of ego. The meeting is alleged to happen by May at a not-yet determined location. Can you imagine the security at that meeting location? Hoping some of my Secret Service friends put in for early retirement before that event! The theme of the meeting is allegedly denuclearization of North Korea. And I just don’t buy it.

The rumor is Kim Jong Un is hoping to secure North Korea’s security in exchange for that conclusion of their nuclear program.

There’s a lot about this meeting that I doubt. I highly doubt Kim Jong Un is going to so easily give up his nuclear program. I just don’t see it, though from his lips to God’s ears. I also have serious doubts that Donald Trump can facilitate that meeting appropriately. He just, well, he just isn’t Presidential. He’s not stately. He’s not polished in that way. Granted, this meeting would never have been a possibility in a Hillary Clinton Presidency. But that’s a blog for another day. I hope the meeting does come off safely. I hope my friends who work in the Trump Administration don’t have to be in attendance. I hope it really does denuclearize the North Korean regime. But, I’m a realist. If you aren’t, I’ve got some ocean front property in central Arkansas I’ll sale you for a very affordable price.

Preps & Pints

The NFL trades are flying in. My fantasy football team will look a lot different this year, thanks to some of these moves. Jarvis Landry is heading to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for two draft picks. While the Dolphins haven’t been a Super Bowl contender in his time there, that still has to be depressing. Also in Florida, the Tampa Bay Bucs have signed Mike Evans to one of the most lucrative receiver contracts in history. And rightfully so. It’s unfortunate for Evans that his career hinges right now on the success/failure of James Winston, who is less than consistent.

The Seattle Seahawks Legion of Boom is, no more.

Richard Sherman has been cut by the Hawks in a surprising move in my opinion. I can concur his production hasn’t been as high as previous years, but still, it’s Richard Sherman. The 49ers have moved on from veteran Elvis Dumervil, looking for new blood in the pass rushing spot. The Eagles have sent Torrey Smith to the Panthers in exchange for Daryl Worley, which I can get behind. Cam needs some weapons. But without a new OLine, it all seems useless. The Titans have cut Demarco Murray. As a Cowboys fan, I just wonder if Demarco misses us? It’s too bad for him we have Zeke now. The Broncos traded Aquib Talib to the Rams for a fifth round pick. John Elway needs to get it together in Denver, not that I’m a Talib fan, but come on at least your Defense was good? Matt Cassell is back on the market, maybe Brady and the boys will come calling again. I am so over Le’Veon Bell. I’m not a Steelers fan but this joker is annoying. He’s announced he won’t sit for the 2018 season. Well good sir, I won’t sit out this year of work either. It’s a job player. The Eagles have picked up Michael Bennett, also released by Seattle, adding fuel to their fire. They’ll be back, for sure. The Bengals have cut Adam Jones. Pacman is looking to be picked up, and with him, there’s not telling if that’s by another team or by the police.

Sangria & Seersucker

A two-hour Fox special is set to be released including coverage of a “lost” 2006 interview between O.J. Simpson and publisher Judith Regan.

This program will be the first time, “The Juice” has talked publicly about the night his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman were brutally murdered in 1994.

It’s amazing that all these years later people are still fascinated, but we are. Some say the interest stems from the fact that O.J. never took the stand. There will be a panel analyzing the interview and providing context for the footage. O.J. Simpson: The Last Confession airs this Sunday, March 11th at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Prosecco & Pretties

Fashion find of the week time! Y’all won’t believe this, but I was reading Cosompolitan’s 2018 Spring Style Trends and #2 on the list…FEATHERS. The list also included “bustiers” and ruffles. So yeah, I’m out. Completely. Out of style party of 1 over here. I want nothing to do with being mistaken for a Big Bird look alike with a tight fabric around my muffin top with strings tying me in it like I think I’m some ancient relative of Queen Elizabeth with ruffles depicting some toddler in her dance costume. But you do you Cosmo fashion followers!

For those of you who have not run full speed ahead this Spring to the thrift store to find all manner of ruffly, feathered wardrobe additions, I want to introduce you all to Cristin Cooper.

Cristin is the face behind “The Southern Style Guide.” If y’all couldn’t tell that I’m a southern girl, either from the about us or the constant use of terms like “y’all” I’m not sure there’s much more out there to help you in life. What I love about Cristin’s site is that she believes in the ideology that I adhere to, “maximum style with minimum effort.” Cristin’s readers find her site and social accounts to be “fresh, approachable and realistic.” She delivers her opinions and advise with wit and a no-nonsense approach. And I’m totally here for that. She believes in living stylishly without breaking the bank.
Sound good? I thought you’d think so. Go check out “The Southern Style Guide” and follow Cristin on Instagram at @thesouthernstyleguide . She covers the fashion, the make-up, the hair, the skincare; but she also covers home decor and entertaining, and for you mommas out there, she even has a kids section!

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