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How to make reading easier?

I love reading!

In yesterday’s blog post I mentioned my love of learning/reading.

This love is fueled by a love of reading.

I read everything.

I play a game with myself occasionally where I’ll glance at the news alerts on my phone and guess just by rhetoric which outlet it is; sadly the thrill of this game has slowed down as they have all become so predictable.

Where did it all begin?

My love of reading definitely stems from my parents. My Mom reads copious amounts of books. She is seriously the fastest reader I’ve ever seen. It’s impressive. My Dad always had stacks of books laying around the house when he was alive. On the kitchen table, in the china cabinet behind the table. Books amuck. He was also very committed to reading his Bible and Daily Bread devotional every single morning, long before the sun was even up.

I remember as I was growing up my Dad would lay out the cartoons and the sports page from the newspaper at my spot at the table, every single day. As I got older, I’d snag the Sunday entertainment section as well. My Mom always picked up the latest edition of People Magazine with each trip to the grocery store as well. Flash forward to college, my sorority sisters and I would sit around and read Cosmopolitan and laugh for hours. It was one of our favorite past times.

And the rest is history…

Digital Magazines don’t leave your hands dirty

Newspapers have become such a thing of the past. I truly hate the gunky black ink getting all over my heads. Everything is digital today. I read more online articles that I click through to via social media than I probably would care to admit. And then, a golden nugget of happiness fell into my hands, Texture.

What’s this Texture stuff about?

Texture is the app I referenced yesterday in my blog post that I am obssed with.

Again, this is not a sponsored blog post, but if Texture wants to send me a mug or t-shirt, bring it on!

Texture gives subscribers unlimited access to digital magazine subscriptions.

What’s in there?

Architectural Digest, Billboard Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Entertainment Weekly, ESPN the Magazine, Food Network Magazine, Forbes, Garden & Gun, Good Housekeeping, GQ, Inc., In Style, Mens Health, National Geographic, Newsweek, O the Oprah Magazine, People, Rolling Stone, Southern Living, Sports Illustrated, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, US Weekly, Vanity Fair, W Magazine.

That’s just a small sampling of their catalong, and some of my favorites also.

Where can I get it?

You can download the Texture app via the iTunes App Store, Amazon App Store, or Google Play.

What’s it going to cost me?

If you sign up today you can get a 7 day free trial period, and after that, it’s $9.99/month. Today magazine subscriptions are averaging, $1.65/issue, so for a year subscription it will cost you $19.80 per magazine. For over 200 magazines available on Texture you can pay $119.80/year as opposed to $3960 for individual subscriptions to each publication.

As a note, if you enjoy magazines that are weekly publications you’ll want to get the unlimited subscription which is $14.99/month.

There’s clearly a benefit if you are a reader.

How does it work?

Once you sign up, Texture will prompt you to select some of your favorite magazines to place into your library. It takes just a few seconds and you’ll immediately have access to the magazines you saved!

You can continue to browse through the categories and find other magazines to add to your library. Or, just begin reading your saved selections.

New issues of your favorite magazines will automatically show within the Texture app, organized conveniently within your library. You won’t have to search for them every time a new issue is out.

Bonus Feature

Clip and Share.

When you’re reading an article, click the icon that looks like a blank page with a ‘+’ sign to save it to one of the already-created collections (Read Later, Recipes, and Ideas), or create a new one. I love this feature for recipes, especially, since inevitably lose most of the recipes I try to save from print magazines.


Obviously for magazine readers, the benefit is there.

If you travel, you can download the content and read without access to the internet.

You can use one account on five devices.

As with anything, nothing is flawless.

If you don’t clean up issues you’ve read the app can fill up quickly and that can take up some significant storage on your devices.

Monthly subscriptions are annoying, I get it, but it’s the nature of the beast with things like this.

Is it worth it?

Texture is such a great way to save money if one of your favorite forms of entertainment is reading magazines.

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