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It’s football season in America again…

It’s football season in America again…

OK, OK, there’s still a few more days until it officially kicks off. But I can already hear Hank Williams Jr. singing about “all his rowdy friends (who) are here for Monday night.” I love football season. I may, or may not, have made sure my son’s soccer games are the early 8 a.m. games on Saturday so that we can be home in time for College Gameday on ESPN. I can’t miss Coach Corso’s weekly headgear picks!

Top 10 lists are where it’s at

If you’ve followed along here much at all, you know I do a weekly college football top ten recap during football season. I don’t typically do one for professional football, unless it’s just been a bonkers week in the NFL.

That being said, we still watch a lot of NFL games. We don’t miss many of the Cowboys games if we can help it. And now that we live in Houston, I’m sure we’ll catch a few Texans games. If you are reading this J.J., I may not be the future Mrs. Watt, but we still love you in our house!

Fantasy Football

My husband and I run our own family fantasy football league and we both belong to a few other leagues as well. We love the competition and the comradery of leagues. We’ve already been involved in one draft for this season and I must say my team looks stellar as usual; even if I’ve never finished higher than 3rd in that league.

Since I focus a lot on college football in my top ten lists, I thought I might throw a top ten list out about the NFL while the preseason is wrapping up, two weeks from tonight the season kicks off so now felt like as good a time as any. I’ve already written my college football preseason top ten list that you can go back and check out here.

So, without further adieu…

My Top Ten Thoughts on the NFL Season

10- If I was a betting woman, which truth be told, occasionally I am; I believe all five first-round Quarterbacks will be starting by the end of the Season. Here’s looking at you Baker Mayfield (Browns), Sam Darnold (Jets), Josh Allen (Bills), Josh Rosen (Cardinals) and Lamar Jackson (Ravens).

9- Biggest holes on teams in the NFL right now? Cowboys lack a dependable WR/TE combo that Dallas is famous for. The days of Dez and Witten are over and it will prove fatal for my Cowboys in the post season. The Panthers offensive line continues to be problematic with no run-blocking protection. Cam will take his fair share of hits thanks to the lackluster boys up front.

8- Deshaun Watson is back! I can tell you there’s a little 2.5 year old boy in my house who is super excited about that. Somehow we are raising a Clemson fan and he loves #4. And honestly, how could you not? He just seems like a really good guy. Sophomore slump following a long rehab will prove difficult for Watson, but he’s a warrior. And Texan fans have a bright future ahead.

7- My top five offensive picks for 2018 are the: Eagles, Patriots, Chiefs, Saints and Rams.

6- Could the Falcons be the first team to win a Super Bowl at home? There’s a good chance in my mind. The Atlanta offense is diverse and exciting. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones can never be discounted. Their defense is super fast and built around a solid group of experienced players in their prime. They just seem like a more complete team this year and may very well compete and win the Lombardi Trophy in their own house.

5- I predict that the Steelers, Patriots, Jaguars and Chargers are in the playoffs for the AFC with the Steelers defeating the Patriots to move on to the Super Bowl.

4- I predict the Falcons, Saints, Vikings and Packers are in the playoffs for the NFC with the Falcons defeating the Vikings to head to the Super Bowl.

3- That being said, I predict the Falcons narrowly escape the Steelers for Super Bowl LIII.

2- Most Improved team of the 2018-2019 Season: the Cleveland Browns. Yep, you read it here folks. Tyrod Taylor is a good little QB, I’m not sure he stays healthy though and that will be their demise. Baker Mayfield is good but he’s not ready. They did well during free agency and may still sign Dez. They also have no pressure on them as no one has any expectations for them. And I think there’s a chance that Nick Chubb could be the offensive ROY, if his legs stay healthy. Runner up for me: the Jacksonville Jaguars. That defense will be one for the books.

1- Biggest Bust of the 2018-2019 Season: the Seattle Seahawks. O-Line is no good, brutal November-December schedule, unproven rookie RB, lack of momentum and direction. Runner up for me: the Tampa Bay Bucs. Winston is not an NFL quarterback and the team doesn’t think so either. They are simply put, a bad team in a good division. Their O-Line is subpar at best. And they have a rough schedule to top it off at the beginning of the season when the momentum gets set.

So there you have it folks. I may sprinkle in some more of these throughout the season along with the weekly college lists. I said all that to say, GO COWBOYS! …and Texans I guess!