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College Football Week 9/9/17 Thoughts


  1. Oregon, Michigan, and West Virigina are teams to watch. I truly thought Nebraska could sneak up on the Ducks this past weekend, but Oregon showed out
  1. Coach James Franklin tried to play down the Penn State/Pitt game saying it was just like beating Akron. Come on Coach Franklin, we all know that’s fluff. The Nittany Lions showed a very balanced attack on offense with 157 yards passing and 148 yards rushing. Trace McSorely tossed 3 TDs and that is a good sign for the Lions after his collapse last season.
  1. The North Carolina Tar Heels played right with the Louisville Cardinals until the end of the third quarter. There’s a couple of thoughts on this: Louisville finally knocked the rust off and found their offense thanks to the play of Lamar Jackson, UNC has got to remember how to finish, the Tar Heels need to settle in on a QB whether that’s LSU’s former QB Brandon Harris or freshman Chazz Surratt, the dual-QB system just doesn’t work as well in practicality as theory.
  1. The Trojans of USC handily finished off a Stanford team they were not picked to beat. Sam Darnold proved that he can handle the tradition and legacy of SC football with grace and talent. 623 yards of offense against Stanford showed Coach Helton is on the right track.
  1. Georgia finally won on the big stage, if you call a game with a Notre Dame team with a new QB, “the big stage.” Losing their starting QB last week though the Bulldogs barked back and finished, finally!
  1. THE Ohio State got “Boomer Sooner’d” this weekend and I loved it. I’m not a fan of the Buckeyes and having grown up so close to OU, I love seeing them succeed. Baker Mayfield punched the OU flag into the heart of the Buckeyes’ field and it was a statement on his game and where his career is. From walk-on, to 2-time Heisman hopeful, Mayfield has something to prove. His legal trouble in Fayetteville a few months back didn’t help his 3rd run at the most coveted trophy in college football, but his play on the field keeps his name in there. Bob Stoops’ tenure at the helm in Norman is over, but Lincoln Riley seems poised to take the reigns and continue the storied tradition.
  1. Clemson defense looks fantastic. Kelly Bryant showed he’s a “tough as nails QB” coming back after injury to score a TD. Little Hunter Renfrow returning at WR provides Bryant with consistency, experience and tenacity. I think what wins the games for Clemson this season is one of the best defensive lines in all of college football. This coming week will tell what the Tigers of Death Valley are made of with Louisville next on the schedule.
  1. Alabama is Alabama, they are what we generally always think they are. Nick Saban’s “deal with the Devil” appears to continue to carry him to another amazing season.
  1. I was disappointed in the Auburn offense. Gus Malzahn is an offensive-genius, but the team seemed to lack chemistry. Jarrett Stidham has talent with his arm and seeing the field, but something was definitely missing. He needed more protection from the line, but he also needed to speed it up some, you cannot hang out in the pocket all day. That defense though! Coach Steele has got those boys ready, holding Clemson to only 14 was impressive. I won’t write the season off just yet! And…
    1. Sadly, my Razorbacks look to be in a really rough spot. The defense was lacking, the offense line appeared almost lazy, and the running game was all but non-existent. I like Coach B, as a person. Though I never agreed with hiring him. Big 10 football and SEC football are just vastly different program types. Going to be a long, mediocre season for our Hogs unfortunately.


Photo by Riley McCullough on Unsplash