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College Football Week 4 Pick ‘Ems

FLORIDA STATE over NC State – going with the Noles here, but something is telling me to pick an upset by NC State…just saying for you daredevil gamblers, might be worth a shot!

LOUISVILLE over Kent State – Louisville will be coming with vengenance after losing last week to Clemson, Lamar Jackson will have a Heisman-worthy game to rebuild his campaign for a repeat.

USC over California – Sam Darnold will continue his massacre by air.

ALABAMA over Vanderbilt – Saban’s boys will handle business, but I think the Commodores will be an unexpected challenge.

OKLAHOMA STATE over TCU – TCU doesn’t deserve their #16 ranking, they’ll score some today, but the Cowboys come out on top.

MISSISSIPPI STATE over Georgia – Georgia is the -3.5 favorite in this one, but I’m going with the Bulldogs. Fitzgerald’s leadership under center will be the winning factor.

AUBURN over Missouri – I think Auburn wins this one handily. Sure I’m an Auburn fan, but Missouri looks that bad. Stidham and Gus both need this win. Hopefully it will allow the Auburn offense a chance to work in Malik Willis to some game time action. Keeping him prepared is important with Sean White gone now.

OHIO STATE over UNLV – The Buckeyes win, as they should. Over rated chant is in my head this season every time I think of THE Ohio State though.

CLEMSON over Boston College – Clemson continues their winning streak, but always be wary of BC!

PURDUE over Michigan – I’m picking an upset here…probably a long shot, but gotta have one a week.

OKLAHOMA over Baylor – Baker Mayfield will continue his stellar season and the poor Bears, will keep doing what they have been doing.

LSU over Syracuse – The Tigers will get a much needed win. Oregron needs this win about as much as his players do.

KENTUCKY over Florida – I’m going for another upset here. Florida’s emotions are still high from the win over Tennessee, while the Wildcats have been quietly building a decent team. We shall see how that plays out. Regardless of winner, it will be a close one.

PENN STATE over Iowa – I think this one is close, but I like Penn State this year. Iowa is a tough, corn-fed team though…the upset could be there.

OREGON over Arizona State – Oregon will handle Arizona State thoroughly. The Sun Devils cannot compete with that potent, west coast offense.

ARKANSAS over Texas A&M – Unfortunately for Coach Bielema, this is a must-win situation. The Razorbacks have lost all 5 games in the SEC against A&M, and as a Hog fan, we are sick of it. Austin Allen will have to be the key factor today. Bielema said he “doesn’t need Superman to show up” and no, he doesn’t need Clark Kent, but he does need SOMEONE to show up.