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College Football Thoughts, Week 4

10-I think there’s a good chance Butch Jones spent his Sunday dusting off his resume. The Volunteers lost to UMASS. Yep, UMASS, a team that barely qualifies as a Division I school. Things are definitely “rocky” in Knoxville to say the least.

9-Sam Darnold and the Trojan offense struggled a bit yesterday against Cal, but their SC defense was able to get them the ball in favorable spots all day. The SC defense forced 4 turnovers in the 4th quarter alone.

8-I knew I should have stuck with my gut yesterday and picked NC State. Florida State is not what they normally are this season, and the Wolfpack has a good program this season. Coach Dave Doereen finally got his signature win that he desperately needed 5 years in. The win over the Seminoles also snapped NC State’s 10 game losing streak against ranked teams. Florida State made it to the red zone 7 times and failed to covert 6 times.

7-Abdul Adams broke the longest run in OU history record with his 99 yard touchdown run yesterday. Oklahoma continues to look really good.

6-Penn State fans are thanking their lucky stars today for Heisman contender Saquon Barkley. The guy just reeks of talent. The last second touchdown throw by Trace McSorley saved the game from the clutches of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

5-I didn’t do so well with my picks this week, one of the ones I missed was the Georgia/Mississippi State game. I tend to want to pick the Bulldogs, but they always seem to let me down. Perhaps Kirby Smart has finally brought winning back to Athens. Nick Fitzgerald is a good quarterback, but that Dawg defense held him to only 130 yards and he threw 2 interceptions. Jake Fromm is really growing into his own at QB for UGA. Jacob Eason may not walk easily back into his starting spot when he has healed up.

4-I truly thought that Vandy would at least be able to compete with Alabama this year. I was wrong. Jokes on me, 59-0. Yep, Saban’s deal with the Devil is still going strong.

3-TCU demolished the Cowboys from Stillwater, and I was a bit surprised. I am not a Kenny Hill fan, his throat slashing gestures are distasteful at best, but he had one heck of a game gaining 32 first downs and almost 500 yards of offense. Giving credit, where credit is due, the Horn Frog defense completely threw Mason Rudolph off his game throwing 2 interceptions.

2-Auburn thumped the Missouri Tigers who seem to be the worst SEC team around, God willing even my Hogs will beat them this year. Hopefully Gus’ offense found their groove. Kerryon Johnson ran for five touchdowns in their road win. Jarrett Stidham was 13 of 17 for 218 yards and one 57 yard strike to Nate Craig-Myers. It was a good day for the offense to pull through as the defense uncharacteristically allowed 340 yards. Malik Willis got some snaps under center for the Tigers as well and looked to handle the opportunity well.

1-I think it’s time Jeff Long. Unfortunately, the mediocrity has become too much of our DNA as a program. It’s time for the Bielemas to depart The Hill. Coach B and Jen are great people, salt of the Earth type of people, they genuinely care about the players and their families. And that’s tough to dismiss. But the fact of the matter is football is a competitive game, the 6th loss to Texas A&M in a row was the nail in the coffin. Not only do we seem to lack the ability to “finish” we seem to lack recruiting ability, and skill development. I am sure the Allen family is a great family. But we struggled through the Brandon Allen years, and now the Austin Allen years. I am ready to see someone under center without the name Allen on the back of their jersey. We’ve left talented quarterbacks on the bench like Ty Storey to continue to play the Allen boys and it has never made sense. Yesterday we got to see a few flashes of brilliance from the 6’7”, 230 pound, pro style quarterback from Lafayette, Louisiana. Cole Kelly could be something special. Dan Enos is a decent play caller. But the talent makes his play calling seem suspect. Going from running backs like Darren McFadden, Felix Jones, and Alex Collins to what we are struggling with now, makes no sense. Our offensive line went from one of the best in the SEC to irrelevant and nonexistent now. The Razorback program needs to be rebuilt. There are some good names out there that are unemployed now, Bob Stoops would be a home-run hire, though doubtful.



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