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Come on America…from the Eagles, to Jack Pearson, to Nancy Pelosi and the Olympics…

I haven’t blogged in awhile, and it has probably led to my funk lately and also been because of my flunk. Hey, at least it is multifaceted. I’ve sort of been swimming. Our little man visited the emergency room here with a nasty stomach bug and upper respiratory infection. He did follow that up by pooping in the potty for the first time, so hey, with every low there is a high. We got new jobs here in Charlotte, hence the reason we left our beach town. That’s tough. You know, the whole dance of getting to know new people, figure out who to aligned with and who to run from. Learning what your job is, learning what your company really does. Just the stuff. Mine turned out not to be a fantastic, lifelong dream fulfilled, match. Alas, God always has bigger plans. Which is such a perk to being a Believer because let’s be honest, I’m lost as a goose 99% of the time. So here I am, new stuff on the horizon. Good stuff. More importantly God stuff.

That being said, I’m excited for what’s ahead in for my life, our family and for this space.

Friday we are doing a photo shoot for this website. A for real, photo shoot. How cool is that? I have some crazy talented friends who have lots of love for me and I’ll always be over the moon grateful for them and their friendship. One of them is so uber creative its amazing and she’s going to pour a little teaspoon of her amazing skills into helping me make this website a little more stellar. I want to pour more of me and my writing into this space. Its therapeutic for me for one, but also, I really feel like I’ve been given a voice, whether you like reading it or not, it’s something I’m suppose to put out there.

That being said, there’s been a little bit going on lately. And wouldn’t you know? I have an opinion about a lot of it.

The Eagles won the Super Bowl.

The narrative that the Patriots lost the Super Bowl is wrong in my opinion. Sure, they didn’t score as many points, but in all actuality, they were OWNED by the Eagles. And it was glorious. It was amazing to see a real life, “David vs. Goliath” battle take place, and clearly those of us who know the Bible story already knew that outcome. In all seriousness, as far as football goes, it was a great game. It wasn’t a blow away, it wasn’t lopsided, they really competed. And I’m a Cowboys fan, born and raised, we hate the Eagles. But I’m also a red blooded American who was born and raised in the South, we hate the Patriots more. The Patriots and the Yankees are two peas in a pod that we hate, and I’m board with that. I can’t deny Tom Brady’s career. It’s been stellar. I know a lot of folks call him the GOAT, and maybe he will be. Maybe he already is. I don’t think so. I think he owns the space of Mr. Consistency. That being said, he threw for over 500 yards and three touchdowns and they still lost. Sure, he was stripped of the ball at the end on their march to the end zone that would have won the game in typical Brady fashion. But he didn’t lose that game for them. The Eagles made sure the Patriots lost. The Pats D looked rough. The scandalous, salacious, talk is out there about why Malcom Butler was benched, he denies the allegations. Come on down to Dallas Malcolm, we will start you!

I also saw where folks are taking issue with some comments Tony Dungy made in the broadcast. Some are saying he has a long history of “evangelizing.” I guess I’m floored that in our society today there are still people who feel like they can squash the opinions of others. It’s almost laughable that someone is criticizing an NFL commentator for mentioning his faith (beliefs) in passing during commentary, or even on his personal social media accounts. Y’all do realize the entire NFL has been involved in an ongoing exhibition of their beliefs with kneeling etc. Come on people. I find it funny that we are so quick to bash people we have differences with. Who died and made us all Kings and Queens? Last time I checked Queen Elizabeth still reigns, the Pope is still alive and kicking in the Vatican, and even more importantly, God is still on His throne.

Politics have been, well, politics.

President Trump gave his State of the Union address, which I did live Tweet during. If you aren’t following me on Twitter, feel free to do so, my handle is @asberry_amanda. I actually liked the speech. It had the typical rhetoric, and for the haters, that’s what ALL Presidents do with their SOTU. I love the pomp and circumstance of the SOTU. No matter who is the orator. I love the stories about the goodness in America. I love the stories of soldiers, families who have fought through hardship, people have immigrated legally to our country and made a new life for themselves. I love the stories of the heroes. I just love America. And maybe that’s the problem. When you love something or someone, you expect the best of them. I love my husband dearly. I think he hung the moon in fact. And here’s the thing, whenever his crown tips a little off his head, or his voice raises, or his opinion seems a little trite, it effects me deeply. Ironically, I hate when he acts more like me. I know my faults better than anyone! The same goes for this great country. I love it. I love everything about America. She has her faults, some faults we know too well. But it effects me, deeply, when this country is filled with hate and vitriol for our brothers and sisters. It grieves me when we spend so much time on social media bashing someone else based on their looks or thoughts just because we don’t agree. Yet we defend freedom of speech and “celebrate” individuality.

Folks you can blame Donald Trump or Rosie O’Donnell all day long, and both have their fair share of issues; but it really comes down to each and every one of us to be different, and to do better.

The Olympics are starting this weekend with Opening Ceremonies on Friday, and personally, I cannot wait!

I love the Olympics. I’m patriotic to my core. I love America. I love Team USA. I love celebrating all the nations and seeing all the flags. I love the pomp and circumstance remember? It should be an interesting experience being in South Korea, a hop skip and a jump from North Korea. Kim Jong-un is sending his sister with the North Korean delegation; can you even imagine being his sister? I was living in St. Paul, Minnesota when local residents there were visiting the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and were attacked. The Olympics is such an incredible world wide event that should be a time of pride and celebration; having the Olympics so close to such a volatile nation is a bit on the scary side. Perhaps it will be something that forges some changes in that region. Though the thought seems so far from the realm of possibilities with the insanity of Kim Jong-un.

As I am writing this, Nancy Pelosi just finished the longest statement ever given on the U.S. House floor, in 4 inch heels as well.

Her point was to show that we are nation of immigrants and share the stories of those who are called, “Dreamers.” On the same topic, today the Washington Post released a letter from evangelical leaders like Beth Moore and Jen Hatmaker urging President Trump and Congress to act on immigration. The diverse group took out a full page ad in Wednesday’s Post edition. Many of these same names were a part of the ad that was taken out last year denouncing Trump’s ban on certain refugees. It was good to see some Christian leaders like Matt Chandler, Max Lucado, Ann Voskamp joining with Beth and Jen in light of some leaders like Jerry Falwell Jr. who seem to hang on every word President Trump says whether it seems to match up to the Gospel or not. Part of the ad said, “Our prayer is that the US would continue to be a beacon of hope for those fleeing persecution.” To me that’s the most logical place for the church to be, on the side of those fleeing persecution. But then again, I don’t have a degree from Liberty University.

My question to the Christian world is, who’s message is preaching louder, those standing with the Dreamers, or those who remain silent? The silence is deafening.

God bless those who were signers to this ad and God bless those seeking safety.

So…on another note….Jack died. Yeah Jack Pearson.

The fire didn’t get him, and I’m grateful for that. But the heart attack following the aftermath hit home, especially for someone who lost her father to a heart attack. The pain the Pearson kids are playing out on TV is a real, raw pain that many of us have felt. Losing a father, with no chance to say goodbye, is brutal. All grief is harsh. All loss seems unbearable. I love “This is US.” The writing and acting is superb. But man the two episodes this week were painful, brought up a lot of memories and feelings I’d rather not think on. But props to Milo for setting the standard for tv husbands/dads! And Mandy Moore, dang girl, you have come a long way since “A Walk to Remember.”

Today Gerber announced this year’s “Gerber Baby” is an 18 month old named Lucas Warren.

Lucas is so stinking adorable. His smile lights up photos like I’ve rarely seen. He was chosen from 140,000 entries. His smile and “joyful expression” won the hearts of the selection committee and he was named the Spokesbaby of 2018. Lucas won $50,000 and will be the face of the brand and featured on the company’s social media channels. As the first Gerber Baby with down syndrome, Lucas reiterates the company’s stance, that every baby is a Gerber baby. And I couldn’t be more excited for the Warren family and friends and for Gerber doing something so amazing.

See America, you can do better!

And with that, I’m signing off for the evening. Be on the lookout for the new website look and more posts coming.

Thanks for reading, sharing and commenting. Chin up America!

Photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash

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