Pearls & Vodka


About Me:

I’m a 30-something living in coastal North Carolina with my sweet husband and precious little boy, oh yeah, and 3 crazy dogs.

About Pearls & Vodka:

This website has been a long time coming.  Our desire is to share opinions, thoughts, different schools of thinking, and ideas to help better the world we are leaving behind for our children.  This site will cover topics of every kind from politics, to religion, to news and entertainment, to sports and much, much more.  There will be guest contributors so if you are up for the challenge and have something you’d like to share, shoot us an email and we will get you published on here. The main objective of this site is to be a sounding board for everyone, there will be some heavy usage of the world y’all and there will be a required respectful tone at all times.  We hope you will pull up a chair, mix a drink and join in.

We appreciate that you took the time to come by and visit our site.  With all the content available at your fingertips today, we hope that at Pearls and Vodka you will be able to take part in a community of voices that strives to respectfully present different viewpoints and opinions on topics ranging from politics, to news, to worthy causes, to Broadway, to Hollywood, from places like Wrigley Field to inside the Staples Center.  This website will cover a variety of topics and provide a variety of voices to all things relevant.

So why the name, Pearls and Vodka?

This website is owned and operated by a southern girl who lives by the famous words of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, “Pearls are always appropriate!”  It has been said before, “If you give a girl pearls, she can conquer the world.”  And the vision of this site is to conquer the world together, piece by piece.

You may not know the story behind how pearls are made, but it’s actually a parasite that enters an oyster, mussel or clam and their defense mechanism is to form a fluid that coats the irritant.  After many layers are coated, a pearl is formed.  There are typically three types of pearls that are placed on strands to be worn-the everyday wear quality, the special occasion quality and the heirloom quality.  With each level of quality comes a new perspective.  The everyday wear is not perfect; it’s flaws though cannot typically be seen from a conversation distance.  Sound familiar?  The world of social media has built a society where we have two lives, the one we display online and the one we live in-person.  The special occasion quality requires a hands-on examination to see the flaws.  I’m sure in your life today you can think of your circles and how you let some in, and you keep some at arm’s length for fear if they really knew you or your thoughts it might change their opinion of you.  And finally, the heirloom quality.  Only a trained pearl professional will see any flaws.  This is where “your people” come in to play, “your tribe,” “your squad.”  They know you, they know the nitty-gritty…they know all the “parasites” you have that are refining inside of you to make you the highest quality of person you can be.

That explains the pearl in the name, so why vodka?  A better question is, why not?

You’ve heard the old saying “A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.”  This website has been created to provide a voice for everyone, not just the like-minded, not just the educated, and honestly, not just the overly opinionated.  This site has been founded to allow everyone to come together and refine ourselves together through topics, trends and truths.

So please enjoy, please stop by often, please tell your friends, please share and please be respectful.


Photo courtesy of Leanne Haskins Photography