Pearls & Vodka

What do Jennifer Aniston, the Black Panther, Mitt Romney and the Olympics have in common?

From Jennifer Aniston’s split, to the Olympics, to the Blank Panther premiere, we’ve got lots to catch up on this week!

It’s time for the Happy Hour y’all…

Seersucker & Sangria

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have split up…at the end of last year. There are many that would say her spread in “Architectural Digest” hinted at problems on the home front. There were the all solo pictures for one. Other famous couples who have been featured were photographed together. And then many equate celebrities appearing in the publication as an advertisement of their home that will soon be on the market. And alas, we learned today that their Bel-Air home is indeed now, on the market. Rumors are already flying of a reunion with Brad Pitt. I just can’t see that. I wouldn’t even like it. He was tainted by being married to Angelina Jolie in my opinion. But in the end, America just Rachel, oh I mean Jen, to be happy.

Marvel’s “Black Panther” has finally released. The whole narrative that this is the first African American superhero movie is a bit false, don’t you folks remember when Shaq played “Steel.” But, not to take anything away from a phenomenal production and storyline. Chadwick Boseman portrays T’Challa/Black Panther, alongside a powerful cast. In “Black Panther,” T’Challa returns home as King of Wakanda but finds his sovereignty challenged by a long-time adversary in a conflict that has global consequences. For what it’s worth, I’m a huge fan of the soundtrack as well, which features artists like Kendrick Lamar and The Weekend. [1]

Preps & Pints

The Olympics are completely underway in South Korea and it has not been a good 24 hours for Team USA. Mikaela Shiffrin, our reigning world and Olympic champ in the slalom event, finished fourth and missed the podium by .08 seconds, but that was enough to keep her from the medal she was chasing. Nathan Chen, the US figure skating champion, didn’t land a clean jump in his short program and is 17th going to the free skate. Yes, 17th place. Lindsey Jacobellis, our four-time Olympian, finished fourth in the snowboard cross and missed her medal by a mere .03 seconds. Crushing! [2]

Bowties & Bourbon

“I have decided to run for United States Senate because I believe I can help bring Utah values and Utah’s lessons to Washington.” [3] And with that, Mitt Romney is a candidate for the United States Senate. Long-time Conservative Orrin Hatch has announced his retirement and Mitt Romney has long since been thought as the heir-apparent. Romney has retreated from the political scene since his crushing 2012 loss to President Obama, but has re-emerged as a vocal opponent to President Trump. Romney has become a sort of hero to the #NeverTrump movement and even a set of Democratic admirers. In reality this campaign should be an easy run in a very Conservative state for the Romney camp. There are many who see Romney has being coronated as opposed to elected. Though his race should be an easy one, there are people inside the Republican Party in Utah who are not thrilled with his return. He hasn’t fully lived in Utah in quite sometime, he hasn’t raised children there. And the list goes on and on. Time will tell how Mitt does as a Senator from Utah.

Hymns & Hallelujahs

Recently on “The View” the co-hosts were discussing newly departed White House staffer Omarosa Manigault’s comments that Vice President Mike Pence says he talks to Jesus and believes Jesus speaks to him. In response to the topic, Joy Behar commented, “It’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you…that’s called mental illness.” Vice President Pence has responded to Behar’s comments by saying, “It demonstrates how out of touch some in the mainstream media are with the faith and values of the American people that you could have a major network like ABC permit a forum for invective against religion like that.” [4] The divide between the cable networks and the religious community has always existed. There should really be no shock and awe that Behar criticized Pence’s faith. Omarosa is another subject, perhaps she should be as loyal to the Trump administration as they were to her, and keep her mouth shut. But that’s another blog for another day. Jesus talks to me too Joy Behar, it may not be an audible voice, but its in those around me, events around me and ideas in me. I’m also not mentally ill. Just wanted you to know it’s possible.

Prosecco & Pretties

“Turns out, the world’s most comfortable shoes are made of wool!” [5] Athleisure is taking over the world, and shoes are a staple in most wardrobes. If you have not heard of “Allbirds” shoes you are missing out! These shoes are made from New Zeland’s superfine merino wool. They have mens, womens, and kids sizes. They have wool runners and wool loungers. The desire of Allbirds is to continue to find better ways to produce their shoes, using materials that naturally exist in front of us and not relying on synthetics. Another amazing bit of info on Allbirds is that you can try their shoes for 30 days and if you aren’t happy with them, they will give you a full refund, free shipping included. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the limited edition, Tuke Dusk (cream sole). Check out their products and mission. You can thank me later!

Magnolia Musings

My thoughts are still on the families in Parkland, Florida. I know I blogged about it yesterday in a letter to my little boy. My mind has been racing ever since the news broke Wednesday. I had a thought I posted about on my Facebook today. There are roughly 40K homeless veterans in the United States. There are also roughly 37K high schools; private and public. What if our government funded a program to help get these veterans off the streets and into these schools as security guards? A federal program to end homelessness in our American heroes and protection for our schools. Imagine that, actually doing something to help stop the literal bleeding in our school houses. Granted, yes, I know there are many veterans who are homeless today who are struggling with mental health issues surrounding their PTSD and some who struggle with drug use as well. But I truly believe there are plenty of healthy veterans living on our streets today who a) deserve so much better b) love to protect others c) are capable and educated. I know it’s easier to post “thoughts & prayers” or even “policy & change” with no action attached. But it’s a thought.







Photo by wu yi on Unsplash